Thursday, January 28, 2010

Movie Night #2!!


The new look - after piggies in all day! She loves her Tia Angel

Adn cousin Sar Sar

Lots more kisses!
Both of them enjoying Ice Age (lasted about 20 minutes!)
Cousins playing ring around the rosie

Baby dude getting his army crawl on

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's A ...... !!!!



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Best


Cutest outfit my mother-in-law gave B for Christmas...she wore it to stake conference last week

We played the matching game - all pink and black! (Lui of course had zero pink on him--it was just black)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Movie Night at Auntie Angel's


Baylee - "gotta get to my chocolate at the bottom of this dang bag!"
Sarah - "hi tia, just chillin, gettin ready for the movie"
DJ - "these peanut butter m n m's are nummers!"

DJ - the only coorperative one looking at the camera. (I even used red eye reduction--what's up with that?)

Notice B dumped out all her popcorn on her lap in order to get to the chocolates at the bottom! And Angel trying to get Sarah to stop stealing B's chocolates!

After the chocolate fest

No, she is not in a chocolate-induced coma--I cut her off early into the movie! (this is after the "no-nap-day")
as a side note...i wondering recently where the heck all her socks had gone...hmmmm.....

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Baylee, DJ, and Sarah--cousins partyin on NYE... Sis-in-law, Angel (so happy they live so close to us!!!)

They stole my camera...and played kissy face! And fart face...
Auntie Angel reading a story
Grandpa and Grandma got these cute little picnic tables for the girls---they love em!
Jimbo super tired after all the new year's festivities (which consisted of staying up late, watching a movie, getting tipsy on Martinelli's Fine Apple Cider, counting how many times the news anchor from channel 8 rearranged her scarf, watching the fireworks from the bedroom window, finishing the movie, and then crashing)
Caprisun time!
We walked in on this...what should have been nap time. Should've known better putting the 2 girls in the same room for naps. Sarah got out of her bed and gave all the toys to B ...
K, time to put all the toys away and go nie nie
Super tired Sarah that didn't want to go to her room for nap time...
Cupcakes on a Sat afternoon...what's better!!!
And that was our new year's!