Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm pretty sure i felt baby for the first time tonight!

Friday, December 25, 2009



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disneyland Again!!!!


My boss, Larry, took all the Store Managers to Disneyland for the day. Representing 3 Vegas stores, Laughlin, Lake Havasu and Kingman Larry

Larry and wife Cassie in the Haunted Mansion
Devo, Slane, Sergio, Lisa
You can't really tell but they're soaking wet from Splash Mountain. Glad I didn't (couldn't) go!
Lunch in New Orleans Thunder Mountain
Hi Larry!!
Grandma brought a new DVD from Mexico for Baylee. She sat with daddy and watched the whole thing!
Gotta love those Mexican DVD's!

Things Baylee does lately:
  • she loves to say NO (much to the dismay of her mom)
  • she says hi and bye to everyone around her. At church she'll stand at the door and say bye to everyone as they leave!
  • she loves to drink Cal-c-Tose in the morning (mexican version of Ovaltine!)
  • she says lots of words: baby, ball, peez (please), tayn too (thank you), cereal, book (and does the sign with it)
  • she understands more everyday and is very smart
  • at night when we put her to bed we say prayers-she folds her arms and closes her eyes (and keeps them closed now!) and says "Men!" at the end
  • she has to be covered up with 3 blankets before she'll go to sleep
  • she rarely sits in her high chair to eat anymore-she wants to sit in the big girl chair (we still need to get her a booster seat)
  • her molars are coming in, but she still doesn't have all her baby teeth in
  • she loves to sing and dance
  • her hair is growing and I'm wondering when i'm going to have to cut it :(
  • if she's hungry she'll grab your finger and take you to the fridge
  • she calls her juice in her sippy cup "ah-guh"
  • she loves Gloria, the woman from our ward that watches her when our shifts overlap

And probably most exciting of all....

  • she's super excited to be a big sister!!!! (yes, we're preggo-I'm due may 31!!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Trip to Mickey's House!!


Our INO Christmas party was on Sat night, Dec 5th. The theme was masquerade ball--we got our masks online before we went. Cool eh?

Best picture EVER! she was NOT a happy camper when we woke her up early sun morn to head to the park!

She puckers her little lips and goes, "mmmmmm...." when she gives kisses. it's the best!

this is how she spent most of the rides...her little mitten hands covering her eyes!
lui and i just laughing....ha!


into the mouth of the whale...

NOT a fan of the characters...

even poor little donald!

NOT a fan of santa either!
she crashed around noon for about an hour...all snuggly wuggly
love this pic

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Pics!


click here to see family pics!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Jiggy Wid It!


This is one of Baylee's favorite things....I wonder who she gets it from....

Fall Festival and Ryan's party


This girl LOVES to dance. When she hears the music her hips start movin, her hands go up and she gets down!! Check out the hair!

She loves dancing with daddy!
and loves huggin on momma...