Friday, November 26, 2010

November 2010


My lil man - 5 1/2 months already!!!Baylee 2 1/2 years old already!!!

mommy and daddy...we don't need to mention our age!!!

we deal with a lot of this everyday :)
cutest girl ready for church

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm still here


i always wondered why people just stopped you may have noticed i became one of "those" people a few months ago. in august our computer crashed. and it's taken until now to actually get a new one. slacker, i know. luckily the computer tech-ies said they would be able to transfer all our data from our old computer. phew. i still don't know how to get into word/excel/my pictures, etc...but, at least i'm back in the blogging world!!! my little man is 5 1/2 months old--crazy huh??? baylee's 2 1/2 and talking like crazy! she is one smart little girl. pics to come.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chillin at the pool with the cousins


cutest newborn and newborn swimmer ever!!yes that is chocolate in her front teeth

cutest picture of all time (this is my niece Rachael - she was such a big help with the kids when she came down for brax's blessing - so good with the kids...thanks Rochee-ella!!)
my cutest nephews Ryan (holding Brax) and Reilly
the water is a bit chilly, that's why she's hanging on for dear life!

the whole gang

mmmmmm, the face of pure enjoyment (notice the chocolate cookie in hand)
she loooooves watermelon!
i looooooove this little man!
his first "real bath"
he did really good!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 20th - Brax's Blessing Day


My sister Jenn and her son Ryan

Grandma and Grandpa came down from Utah for the festivities

Not gonna lie, a little disappointed -- didn't get a picture of Brax in his blessing outfit or a family picture with the 4 of us :(

Lui did a great job blessing our little man
Brax Stafford Zuniga
It was great to have family here. Dad and Kaye drove down from Utah and Jenn and her 3 kids, Rachael, Ryan and Reilly also drove down from Utah. Yes, we had a bunch of U-tards in the house!!!

no title


Brax with Tio I'm a Princess! Sarah and Baylee

sleeping at INO :)

Trip to INO


B loves the grilled cheese from INO--every time we pull in the parking lot and she sees the building she goes "cheese cheese!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

D D D D D Dora


just a really cute sleeping picture :)

at the doctors office this afternoon...we were waiting for the appt for my little man to get circumcised...poor little thing

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Delivery Notes


this is more-so a record for me so i can remember what happened... but feel free to read on if you'd like :)

730am 6/2/10 admitted to st. rose san martin hospital in las vegas, nv
8:30 i.v. started and very low dose of pitocin to start contractions. i'm at 4 cm.

1010 start feeling contractions more. nurse amanda asked me what my pain level was, which was wierd cause i wasn't really feeling any pain...just pressure. i told her 4 cause i wasn't really sure what to say! amanda got sent home, new nurse stephanie on duty.

1040 started prepping for epidural. i was very nervous at this point because of what happened with baylee--2 different epidurals that did nothing for me (except give me a spinal headache the day i had her, which resulted in a blood patch, which was also no fun). this time i asked lui to give me a blessing the night before we went into the hospital. it helped a lot, although i was still nervous.

1053 my hand is really cold! it's cuz of the fluids they're giving me through the i.v.

1105 lui is frozen in the room cause the air is so low. he had to go to the house to get his marshmellow jacket!

1115 3rd time i have to use the restroom since we got there this morning.

1130 finally got to go to the bathroom. the nurse has to unplug my i.v., blood pressure cuff etc in order for me to go, and she kept leaving the room!!! i thought i was gonna lose it all during those 10 steps to the bathroom!!!

1145 as dr. robison, anesthesiologist, started to prepare i almost broke down in tears. he told me afterwords "that was an easy epidural. i'm not sure why your body reacted that way last time." he then told me that in about 10 minutes my legs should start to feel tingly and warm, but that i should still be able to move them. sure enough, that's exactly what happened. i never felt that way with baylee. i get changed into a yellow gown and get a fun yellow bracelet :)
1205p dr. delozier gets there and checks me - 5 cm and 50-70% effaced. she breaks my water and thinks this will really speed things up. she heads back to her office across the street.

1215 nurse put in catheter

1220 can't really feel contractions anymore. take that back, i can feel them, but it doesn't hurt...hooray!

1250 i'm starving! but all i can eat is ice chips :(

1255 the nurse defines "active labor" as being dilated to 5cm or i have now been in active labor for about an hour.

1330 something is happening. i told the nurse that and she asked what i was feeling. "like the epidural isn't working anymore and like i wanna push." she checked me and i was 10cm...ready to rock and roll! she told me not to push yet, just to let baby work his way down the birth canal by himself. that and they had to call the doctor!!

1400 really wanna push, am having to breathe through the contractions and concentrate on NOT pushing! it's hard. nurses have called the dr and they're setting up the room to have a baby!

1410 doc gets here and baby's ready to come.

1418 she says push, so i push. and out comes his head! when she said that i was like WHAT??!! she had me stop pushing so she could suck all the gunk out of his nose and mouth. i finished that last push and as i was pushing she said, "look down! open your eyes!" and when i did she was there holding my baby!!!! and he was peeing on her!!!! good job brax! ONE PUSH! as a side note, i've always wanted to be one of "those" moms who says, "oh yeah, i only had to push once." now i'm in the club!!!

8lbs 6 oz
19 in long
born at 1418 on 6/2/2010 (missed daddy's bday by 1 day!)

1730 i've gone to the bathroom once and that was quite the chore. my legs feel good. i had hospital food for dinner and it wasn't too bad--breaded chicken. jim and angel are on the way with the kids! they've been watching b for us while we're in the hospital. alicia said she's coming to visit too.

1800 jim and angel and the kids get there and it's chaos of course! but fun chaos :) brax does his first poop and angel volunteers to change the tar! baylee is more interested in playing with the balloon they brought me than seeing her little brother. she goes over to him a few times and says, "baby! baby!" but that's about it. she'll warm up to him :)

sarah loves kissing him...

it's been almost a week that he's been here on this earth. he is such a sweet little man. he's very mellow, he loves to eat!, we're still getting used to changing diapers with little boy parts, he's sleeping pretty good. i'm able to get about 5 hours sleep at night (broken up in 3 and 2 hours), so it's not too bad. on sunday i thought i noticed his skin and the whites of his eyes a little yellow. unfortunately the way our house is set up we didn't have any windows with direct sunlight to put him in. i called and talked to the pediatrician and she said i should supplment with some formula after my regular nursing routine. on monday we decided to take him in just to make sure he was ok and the dr said she was relieved when she walked in and saw him, cause she thought he looked just fine. that was good--i just needed that reassurance.

baylee is loving him. she needs to be reminded of course to be soft and not to poke and not to touch his face. but she loves to help me when i'm burping him and she'll throw away the dirty diapers for me in the diaper jeanie! she'll also hand me his clothes out of the basket when we're folding laundry. i've had to get after her a few times cuz she likes to sit in his chair or she'll go in his room when he's sleeping, but she'll learn...

we love having this little man in our family. it's different going somewhere and having to get 2 ready instead of just one. and get 2 loaded into the car instead of just one. and having twice as much stuff in the diaper bag now! we love you brax!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 1 at home


I'm still getting used to changing a little boy bum. He only went through 4 outfits today! Actually, in the first 3 hours of coming home. He kept wizzin all over!

She's getting more used to him. Better than at the hospital when all she wanted to do was play with the balloon they brought me!

love his little smile in this one

Brax is Here!!!


i like this one cuz it means the epidural worked!

Angel changing the 1st tar diaper! Tio Jimbo there for moral support (and to hold the wipies)
officially dubbed "professional swaddler"
proud parents...oh wait, that's my baby!
Tio Jimbo

Big Sister - she was more intersted in playing with the "oh-woon" (balloon) that they brought us

Cousin Sar Sar loved smoochin on him


Tia Loca
right after his first bath - so yummy!

hair color anyone???

daddy changing tar diaper #2

My little man

Dr. DeLozier - the woman that made it all happen (i'll post the delivery notes later)