Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Jiggy Wid It!


This is one of Baylee's favorite things....I wonder who she gets it from....

Fall Festival and Ryan's party


This girl LOVES to dance. When she hears the music her hips start movin, her hands go up and she gets down!! Check out the hair!

She loves dancing with daddy!
and loves huggin on momma...

Other Fun Stuff...


Some other fun stuff we've been up to the last few months...meeting up with good friends from high school, Heidi and her cute baby girl Brielle

going to the pool at the flamingo only to find it closed :(
discovering new ways to eat trix!
a special day...i'll tell you why later...
hanging out with cousins looking at the airplanes

playing at the park

Better Late Than Never!!!


Her 2nd airplane ride! On our way to Utah for my dad's wedding

My brother Matt, me and dad
Flyin high! My little bro Jimbo sending his daughter Sarah to outer space...
Sweet cousins
Angry cousins???
the bachelorette party at bucca di peppo
Aunt Nancy, Aunt Janie, me, my sis Jenn and sis-in-law Angel
nephew Ryan with the girls
so excited they can hardly stand it. kaye was literally jumping up and down in this pic

all the siblings--Matt, Jenn, me, Chris and Jim (this is the 1st time we had all been together since mom's funeral...ironic
Jimbo, Sarah, Angel, DJ
Uncle Boo and Baylee

"i'm tired mommy, i don't wanna go on the plane..."
ok, i'm better now! Bye!!