Friday, February 20, 2009

A Rundown...


So here's what we've been doing for the past month or so...

Grandma Lupita, Sis-in-Law Teresa and Cousin Jalim came to visit from Mexico! Jalim and Baylee had loads of fun!

Momma and her baby girl
The whole gang

Can I get some ketchup please???
Yes, this is my new favorite way to sleep. Notice her hand in between the bumper and the mattress--precious!Baylee and I went to Idaho for my Uncle Steve's funeral. It was here 1st time on a plane and she did so good! We flew to SLC where dad picked us up and then we drove up to ID. It was a wonderful celebration of his life and great to see family and cousins I haven't seen for years.Hugs from cousins!
We also got to go and visit Aunt Nancy (my mom's sister) and Grandma Fern (my mom's mom). Baylee got to meet her great grandma for the 1st time!
Uncle Jim had a layover in Vegas so we went out to dinner. He and Baylee had a few too many if you know what I mean!
JK, here's the real one :) Love ya little brother!

Thursday, February 19, 2009