Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mama--let's go see daddy at work!


Mom, why are you taking pictures when we could be eating burgers right now???

Hey, you with the red apron--did you call my number yet???Finally I get my burger! (well, just bread really...)Daddy, do you want to share some of my bread?I'm tired mom. Let's go home.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Check This Out...Baylee Walks!!!


I'm sad that Lui missed it, but am so glad I could share it with our wonderful friends, the McIntyre's. Thanks Bob for making my little girl laugh and thanks Lisa for making her chicken noodle soup! You guys really are wonderful. Love you

So What Do You Think?


Birthday Celebrations


Because my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we celebrated the day after. We went to the buffet at the new M Casino (pretty good I might add). Then that night Lui took me to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. It was marvelous. I've seen it twice before, once in London and once in LA, but it's been so long I barely remembered it! It was only a 95 minute show with no intermission so they cut a lot out, but it was still really good. Lui even liked it! Also, there's a couple in our ward that are actually in it, so the whole time I was trying to spot them! Hey, where's my pantalones???? Can you believe daddy depantsed me in front of all those people!!
Ok, I forgive you--you let me ride on your shoulders...

Happy Easter/Birthday!


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful babysitter for Baylee when our shifts overlap for work. Her name is Gloria and she's in our ward. She and her family invited us over on Sunday for a bbq and to go to the park to hide eggs for the kids. We had a lot of fun. Baylee was playing and walking at Gloria's house so much that when the time came for the easter egg hunt, she crashed! She woke up just in time though to find a few eggs of her own.

This is GloriaOne of the eggs had bubbles in it! Baylee girl loved that! Unless you're Mexican you probably don't know what's all over our heads and in our hair and all over our clothes. It's confetti! Starting at the beginning of the year, Gloria would start collecting the egg shells. Whenever they would have eggs for breakfast or french toast, she would carefully crack the shell and only open up a small hole in the top of the egg. She would rinse it out, let it dry, and after about a million eggs (or so it seemed!) she fills them with confetti, puts a piece of thin tissue paper over the hole and glues it down. Then the tradition is to crack them on the heads of others! It was good times--as you can tell Baylee even got in on the fun!

All She Wants To Do Is Walk!


I posted a video a week or so ago showing how she gets so mad when you stop walking with her! She gets so angry! Leticia (sis-in-law) went with us to lunch last week to Claim Jumper at Town Square--they have this park area and that's all she wanted to do..walk walk walk! Boy are we gonna be in trouble when she starts doing it without holding on to our finger!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dominican Republic Recap


This is the airport--cool eh?

After about 15 hours of travel...

Lui had to have a coconut! This guy that sold it to us (for 5 bucks!)--his name was Marcos, and i must say he was quite a salesman! (He got Lui for $5 didn't he?)
The Grand BuffetThe "not-so-hot" hot tub. Yeah, it wasn't even warm...
Lui was very pensive this particular day...On our way to a day excursion to Saona Island. On the way there-a catamaran ride. At the island, a buffet lunch of chicken, potatoes, fruit, all you can drink soda, lots of hanging out and getting burned :) On the way back-a speed boat ride with a driver that looks like he's 12. A stop at the sandbar to see the starfish, then back to the hotel. Long day, but fun.This is the guy they called the "paparazzi." He filmed the whole trip, then they sold it to you on a DVD. (we didn't buy it) This guy was funny though. On the island hangin outOur 12 year old boat driver

This sandbar was in the middle of the ocean and as you can see we're in water up to our chest. Notice the people in the back with their drinks in hand. The whole day it was all you can drink (soda and alcohol...let's just say we were pretty much the only ones drinking soda!)We were standing in the make-your-own-omelette line and we saw this guy making what we thought were tortillas for lunch time. Turns out it was the pizza crust! Lui was looking very forward to those "tortillas."This was our bombin omelette guy, Felix. He was there every morning of our stay and on our second to the last day (Saturday), I asked him when his day off was and he said, "Next Sunday." He lived at the hotel when he worked, and went home to his wife and 4 kids when he was done. Crazy. He was great. A shot of our hotel from the courtyard.Talk about a room with a view. Yes, that's another hotel being built right next to us. And that is our view from our room. This is our entire flight in line at the ticket counter in the dominican. We were supposed to leave on Sunday night but our flight got cancelled due to a mechanical problem. They put us up in a hotel Sunday night and this is what we got to deal with in the morning. When we got to the counter the agent was having a hard time finding a connection from Miami to Vegas, and I told him to keep looking. Another agent got on the computer and finally found us 2 seats--one in first class and the other in coach. Guess which seat I got...hee hee. Finally boarding the flight---on my way home to see my baby girl. Man, it was hard being away from her that long.