Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad Little Girl


We've been dealing with a sad little girl these past few days. Baylee has a head cold that has given her a stuffy and runny nose at the same time, lots of phlegm in her nose and throat, little weezes when she sleeps (or tries to). Thankfully she doesn't have a fever though. Tues night she had a really hard time breathing while she was sleeping so I held her in the rocker all night so she could sleep. It was a lot easier for her cause she was upright. Lui and I both called in to work so we could take her to the doc...which gave us the news of, "You pretty much just have to ride it out." ok...not what we wanted to hear. But I guess with the weather changing we're going to see more of these little colds in the future. Last night she fell asleep in her crib but she was up every hour. I would rock her to sleep, lay her down, she would sleep for an hour then we would do it all over again. Around 3am she wouldn't stop fussing with just the rocking so I decided to give her 2 oz of milk. She downed it...and wanted more. So I made her 2 more, she ate that too, then fell asleep. She didnt' wake up for 3 hours. So that was good. We both got a little rest. It's tough dealing with a sick baby. Well tough for me cause I've never done it before. Any of you pro moms out there who have some advice for me I will gladly take it.

Thanks to Lisa for watching the girl this afternoon so Lui and I could go to the temple. It was much needed with everything that's been going on lately. Sorry if she was fussy Lisa.

P.S. No, I haven't found my cable yet :(

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where is that cable?


So we are in the new house. There's still stuff everywhere, as we have not found a place for everything yet. I got a new washer and dryer (front load!) and fridge--always a treat :) You won't be seeing any pics on the blog though cause somehow in the move from Leticia's house to the new house I lost the cable to download pics from my camera to the computer. I have been takin glots of pics though, so when I find that bad boy just be ready! Work is going good, can't believe the holidays are already here, Baylee is precious and growing so fast, my dad has a date tonight!, my store took 3rd in overall score at the INO bowling tournament!, I won an INO jacket in the bowling raffle, what else...that's about it for now.