Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Floor....again


Usually this happens at nap time, not bed time. I guess she wasn't that tired, cause she decided to "help mommy with the laundry."

"Not the Blender!!!"


When we make her shake in the morning with banana, milk and cal-c-toce (mexican nesquik), we tell her to cover her ears and this is the face we get... !!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

INO funny car


It's been 10 years since INO has sponsored a funny car, yet here we are--ready for the races in Vegas...

I think it's pretty darn cool that the driver is a woman! This is her, Melanie Troxel, with B, DJ, and Sarah

lovin cousins

kissin cousins (B going for the open mouth!)

this one's the best :)

Gettin Ready For Church


(this one's my fav)

"you talkin to me?"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Utah Retreat


Arriving at our weekend retreat getaway...quaint little individual cabins nestled in the snowy mountains of Ogden Canyon. It was beautiful!ours was named "Old Ketchican"

They bring breakfast to your cabin! french toast, oj, hot chocolate, pancakes, fruit and yogurt parfait, you name it!

The Alaskan Inn

it was a bit chilly outside! (i'm 32 weeks here-can ya tell?)

i'm very surprised he was even smiling in this picture. he thought he was gonna die, it was so cold!!!!!

every time we passed this bear i asked him to take a picture....he finally gave in
After the retreat was over, we headed to dad and Kaye's house in Lehi.
The lunch/easter egg hunt was fun and yum! this is brock, one of kaye's grandkids. he was diggin the sliders!don't look very appetizing, but boy were they yummy!

the frenzy before the flight!
just chillin, enjoying the festivities

March Happenings...


Our March consisted of.....
Lounging around watching "woah-wah" and "gay-go"
Any guesses???
Lui and i celebrating our 1st 5 years of marriage (dinner and a movie)

walks with daddy during the day, when mommy's at work

Fun blast from the past! Emily (left) was my trainer when i got to brasil for my mission. Patricia (right) was one of the girls in my 1st area that was baptized. She came to the US to visit for a few weeks and they came down and stayed with us for the weekend! It was crazy to see Patricia after almost 12 years - wish my portuguese was as good as it used to be...
dinner at Hamada of Japan - our chef, Ryan. he was great!

lunch at hard rock

transistioning B into her big girl bed. which i am happy to say only took a week before she wouldn't cry, come out of her room, etc...not bad eh?
(nap time is still a little tricky i'm not gonna lie)

still getting ready for baby boy brax to come. i'm starting to enter into that oh-so-fun uncomfortable stage... we went and picked out bedding for his room and a few decorations. we still need a changing table/dresser, then just a few odds and ends...can't wait for my little guy to get here!!!