Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Part of Vegas History


It was pretty incredible on Wed when it started snowing in the morning...and then it just kept snowing...and snowing...and snowing...I was at work but I was pretty much snapping pictures all day. I got some pretty good ones too. For all you folks who live in UT and ID you're probably thinking, "What's the big deal?" Well it's a pretty big deal for us seeings how Vegas hasn't seen snow like this since 1978!!!! (the year after I was born! Woah!) The associates and customers were all excited--you could feel it in the air--it was so fun!

These are a few of my associates. It was super slow at the time so I said, "I need an order taker, a cook and a fry guy--everyone else let's go take a picture!" They loved it! There are some pretty unique pictures. We made history!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Cheeks Ahead!


Look at those little bum cheeks! She just had a shower with daddy--she loves bathtime. In the shower she'll try to grab the streams of water coming from the shower head. It's purty cute. Oh p.s. she crawled last night for the 1st time. It was pretty awesome! She didn't go far but she was definitely movin those little hands and tootsies! That red hair? Holy cow! Those blue eyes? Beautiful!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What Are They All Laughing At???


Jokes on you Blando (one of our Las Vegas Divisional Managers). A few of the Store Managers did this to his car while we were at lunch yesterday. It was a pretty good laugh had by all!

No, we did not move to Idaho. Yes, what you're seeing (below) took place today in LAS VEGAS! I swear it only snows once every 3 years, and this was it! When I left the house this morning it was snowing and this afternoon when we went to lunch this is how it looked! Crazy! One of my associates sent me a picture of a pretty sad looking snowman (sorry Esther if you ever read this!) and the caption read, "My first snowman ever!" Then tonight we went up to the condo to show it to a possible renter--hopefully it works out. But up in the NW part of town the snow totally stuck! (as you can see from the pics!) It was beautful I must say. Because we were at the condo we called our friend Lisa and she invited us over for homemade chicken noodle soup. YUM! (minus the extra salt! jk Lisa!) We fed baby some real food. Well we started with this jar food that Lisa had--Mac n Cheese. She did not like it at all! In fact, she TOTALLY gagged!! It was so funny, we were cracking up at the faces she was making! She's so animated! The Lisa mashed up some of the noodles and carrots from the soup and once again....GAG! So then we resorted to a teething buscuit. She liked that one!

Okay, this next part is for you if you're currrently looking for a nice place to rent. Or if you know anybody, you could pass this on. This is the condo we own and we are trying to rent it. We are asking $900/mo for a 2 br/2ba and den (approx 1200 sq. ft). Please leave a comment and email if you're interested. We would love to have a good reliable renter in our house. Thank You!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ward Christmas Breakfast


Getting ready for the breakfast Sat. morn. Baylee was one of Santa's helpers :)

Daddy and the Elf

She was so excited...she fell asleep! She looks like she's faking it, but she's really asleep!

No cries this year with Santa! Let's wait and see about next year...

Okay if you don't like to see babies crying cause mean ol' mom is piercing their ears then skip these next few pictures....she was ok about 3 minutes later...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our New Home


No New Cable...A Card Reader!


The big girl sits up all by herself now--she's so big and strong!

Opening day (Aug 28, 2008) of my new store

The party the night before for all the families

Playing on her mat

Self explanatory (even though she really is good)

I'm back. For real this time. These last few posts were just teasers cause they didn't have any pictures...oh we will have none of that anymore my friends. We went to Best Buy to get a USB cable (i think that's what they're called anyway, shows how much i know). Well, they didn't have those, but they had the next best thing...a card reader, for about 1/2 the price! Can't beat that can you?! So, here we are in December--you've missed that last, oh, 4 months of our lives. I'm gonna try to sum it up in a nutshell in the next few posts so stay tuned...much more to come!