Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Work In Progress


just the frame taken June 6

the stucco and outside taken July 30

Here's my new store! It's beatiful! These past few days were spent in Vegas house hunting (more on that later). Yesterday we stopped at the store to check out the progress and take a few pictures. They've done a lot since June 6th huh?? Open interviews are still scheduled for Aug. 11-14 and orientations should start soon after that. They're shooting to open on Aug. 26. Looks like they still have a lot to do, but the builders we talked to said they are on target. (One hold up is getting electricity...that might be an important aspect.)

Here are a few more pics

The traditional crossed palm trees

Here's the covered drive lane with the rock pillars--looks pretty awesome eh?The break table (left side with all the boxes) along with the learning center (right). The learning center will consist of computers where the associate can take tests, watch videos, and learn about each position. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.My store #.... 220This is what will be the drive corner and fry table.

The builders said there are so many new additions to this store that the other don't have... Lots of "upgrades"! It's gonna be awesome!

Now for the housing update. We found a house out in Mountain's Edge that we are hoping to buy. We're in the whole loan process right now, so we'll see how things turn out. It's a beautiful 2200 sq ft single story home. 3 bedrooms, a den, and a great room, kitchen and dining area that are all open--the way I like it. I don't like a wall separating the kitchen from the living/family room. It's being built right now (see pics below) and is supposed to be done end of Sept. Until then we are going to be staying with Lui's sister Leticia. (which is actually in the neighborhood right behind us!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks Abby!


This is Abby--she's our friend that watches Baylee girl when we're working. Baylee sure likes her and her little boy Bentley. This is one day when she had 5 kids over...what an adventure! We're sure gonna miss you when we go to Vegas :(

Thanks Barb!


Ok so my friend Barb told me a while ago that she made me some INO onesies, and I was so excited. Then she kept coming to Kingman and forgetting to bring them. So I had to improvise with this... (no, we didn't take the backing off the sticker. Her back was a little damp cause she just got out of the bath so it stuck)

Finally today she stopped by the store and VWA-LA! Here they are! Aren't they just the cutest onesies you've ever seen??? I have a store meeting on Sunday morn and I can't wait to take her in one of these! Which one should she wear???

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Pics From Lake Powell


Baylee's 1st boat ride!

She was out after about 15 minutes

Me and the hubby

Lake Powell sunset

Lui and the girl chillin under the shade on the beach. She liked sportin just a diaper!

Tummy time!!

We busted out the Baby Rider and went for a walk on the beach. She liked it!

We tried to keep her cool with a wet towel on her head. As you can see, she got a little sun on her cheeks and nose.

The morning after she got her little sunburn :(

Guess what Lui's trying to figure out! Each year we've gone we've had my dad there to help us out. This time we had to do it all on our own!

What a good hubby. Here he is...all ready to "dump the dump." (note me standing back "supervising" and taking pictures!)

In St. George she needed to get some burps and bubbles out of her tummy

Daddy's trying to teach her at an early age to hold her own bottle!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Now This Is A Vacation!


Can you tell what Lui and Baylee girl like to do?????

Friday, July 18, 2008


These were taken about 2 months ago, yet they are the only pics I have OF MY NEW STORE!!! That's right folks...I got a promotion and was chosen to open the new Las Vegas INO on Blue Diamond. I just found out yesterday after having patiently waited for what seemed like forever! I'm way excited, yet nervous too. The next 2 months are going to be a whirlwind. We will be moving soon as the store is set to open mid August. Plus I have to be there for all the interviews on Aug. 11-14. It's kindof ironic that it all happens right now, cause it seems like we just got into a routine here with me going back to work. But I just have to remember that everything will work out and to just leave it in the Lord's hands. Lui's sis Leticia is going to start looking for some houses for us in the Mountain's Edge area of town (southwest). We just found out the other day that our renters in the condo there in Vegas are leaving at the end of the month, so that's another choice we have to make...put it on the not-so-great-market-to-sell-right-now or try to find another renter. Is there a lot of damage from the renters? When are we going to fix it up? What are we going to do with the girl during this whole process? Lots of questions. Wish us luck!

Talking With Mom


This was in St. George on the way to Powell. She was telling me how excited she was!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Few Random Pics


Baylee is really starting to focus on different objects. She has recently discovered that the mobile in her crib is just so fun to watch! She will just stare at it. She also likes bright lights and ceiling fans. It's pretty incredible to see this little girl develop right before your eyes. She's getting pretty close to rolling over too. WOW!

These are a few pics I took outside the house after a rain storm.

Here's a preview of what's to come as far as pics from Lake Powell. Lots more to come, but I'm too beat right now to do anymore...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello Lake Powell!


k, so i haven't posted in about a week, which doesn't happen often! this week has been pretty crazy. today is the 8th day straight that lui and i have worked opposite shifts. so i see him at 2:30am when he gets home (if i wake up) or at 7:30am before i leave for work (if he wakes up). let's just say there hasn't been a lot of waking up on either part! today ends the streak though. tomorrow we leave for lake powell. this week i've been scrambling to put things together/pack/etc. we're picking up a travel trailer in vegas on the way, and i have no clue how we're going to fit all our stuff in the FJ and then transfer it all over. we'll definitely have to, as my husband would say, "make miracles!"

once again, a big thanks goes out to tana for watching baylee all week. it's been a huge help! thank you!

still no word on blue diamond...they said they're going to appoint the manager by the 15th. so 4 more days i guess...i just wanna know!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!!!


Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday. I spent most of the day at my 2nd home (In-N-Out), but in the evening went to the ward bbq at the church. Today was the first day Baylee went to the babysitter, so I picked her up after work. She was there for about 2 1/2 hours, and Abby said she was so good. We stopped at the house so I could change and then we were off to the church. It was just the girl and I cause Lui was working. They had a good bbq with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips--you know, the works. Around 9 they started the fireworks show. It wasn't too bad for small town Kingman--about 20-25 minutes long! To be completely honest, I was kindof getting a little bored towards the end! What's up with that??? Well, here's some pics. The ones I took of the fireworks didn't really turn out.

You might recognize Joy from an earlier post--she's the one that cut my hair the other day!

She got a little hungry before the show started. She saw everyone else chowin' down and she wanted some too!

Darn that focus...oh well, still got the cute baby!

There we go!