Monday, March 15, 2010

Just realized...


i haven't posted any pics from the funeral a month ago...
on our way to utah for Grandma Fern's funeral. she passed away a few days before her 80th bday.
me and my papa
she played with tio matt all weekend long!

nice jim
see what i mean???
chris and his family
my cute older brother and his cute wife kory more fun with tio matt!
she loves her tio Jimbo too cuz he throws her like a rocket in the sky!!!

watching cousin sar sar get thrown like a rocket!
my turn again!
lovin the theater at grandma kaye's house

popcorn check. soda check. cousins check. movie check.

you steal my camera and take pictures? you go on my blog.
Baylee loves her cousin Emily

"a guh"

cousin gauge
lots of cousins! Gunner, Reilly, Ryan

Chris's family (check out gauge's face!) loves loves loves the carousel
tio jim was playing with his little guy dj, and b wanted in on the action
Chris's little guy gauge fell asleep on him like this in the theater!